Ami Swaps

I just realized that I have joined a total of 4 swaps this year… and it’s only february.
The first swap I signed up for was a stash buster swap. We were supposed to make two Amis for our swap partners with the existing yarn stash that we have. It was fun. But… I’m not sure if my swap partner have received her swap package yet. It sure seems to be taking a long time to reach her. Maybe it’s because of the Chinese New Year public holiday.
The second swap I joined was animal in costume. We were supposed to make an ami wearing costume. I made one wearing a pink bunny suit. Hehe… That swap package also has not reached my partner yet. Either that or she hasn’t had the time to post the pix. I really hope they reach the intended recipients real soon. I can’t wait to see if they like the package I sent over. I haven’t received the packages I’m supposed to get either. Then again, I know my partners sent them out late. So I have to be more patient.
Now I’m working on a CCC swap for St Patrick’s day. That’s sometime in march. So I’ll send my package in late February. At first my St Patrick kinda look like a snowman in green poncho. Hahahaha… It looks better now. I just need to buy those wire bracelet to make it into a staff.
After I’m done with that, I’ll work on my monster swap. We’ve yet to be given swap partners for that. I’ve sketched a few cute monsters. Just need to figure out which one to make.
4 swaps already. Maybe I’ll do 2 more for this year. Can’t afford to do a swap every month. It’ll burn a big hole in my pocket. =p


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