Adorable Amigurumi and other books

during the Chinese New Year break, i happened to come across this book by Voodoo Maggie:

the animals and other critters inside were just too adorable to resist… especially the monkey and giraffe. i just had to buy the book. hehe…

i have yet to start on any of the patterns in the book. i’ve other stuffs to finish first before trying out anything from the book. my list of amis to make seem to be getting longer and longer! >_<v

but i’ve decided which pattern i’m going to make first. it is the very cute, very adorable, very kawaii… MONKEY! 😉 you must have guessed it right.

a couple of weeks before that, i borrowed 2 amigurumi books and 1 felt craft book from the library. i’ve to return them in two weeks. =( i’ve tried making one of the patterns in this book:
but… it didn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to. so i turned it into something else.

the reason for my FO not looking like the picture in the book was because the instructions given said to use ‘dc’ which i interpreted as double crochet. so i loop the yarn around the hook first before doing whatever i needed to. (sorry i’m too lazy to type out the whole process of what i did. for those of you not savvy with crochet, you can click here to know more about the stitch that i did)
so i was puzzled when the body of my FO turned out longer than it’s supposed to. i flipped through the book and looked at all their FOs. i realized that they seem to have used ‘sc’ (that’s single crochet stiches) instead. so i looked at the section with the instructions for various stitches and lo and behold! they did use ‘sc’ and not ‘dc’. sigh~ so confusing.

so instead of a frog, i made a monster puppet. 😉

here are the other two books that i borrowed from the library:


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