Happy Holidays…Lumi the ice princess


Lumi would love to wish you a very merry Xmas. Born on this day of merriment, Lumi loves gathering with family and friends. She loves the snow too! The cold snow doesn’t bother her. There’s a kind of magic when snow drifts down and covers the surroundings. C’mon and have fun with Lumi!

Lumi’s a pattern from Crochet Today: Crochet Gift List magazine. She’s the first ami I made from that magazine. I’m thinking of giving her to Deb as a thank you gift for giving me the magazine.


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays…Lumi the ice princess

    1. Oh! Mine’s floppy too. I somehow managed to straighten them nicely for the photo. Once I move Lumi, the snowflake starts to flop. ^^;

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