Creepy Halloween

how did you spend your halloween yesterday? i didn’t go trick-o-treating (firstly coz i’m not at that age to trick or treat. secondly, it’s not the culture here for people to go from house to house asking for candy). so i spent it like any other day: working. =P boring, huh?

boring start… interesting end. i received the package that i’ve been waiting for. what a TREAT! it’s from my CCC swap partner in Ravelry. here’s my very own Nosferatu come trick-o-treating at my house. 😉

there were other goodies in the package (pictures are up in my Ravelry page) but i’m too tired to upload them all here (darn this headache!). love the badge. not sure if you can see it but it’s a butterfly with a skull head. thank you dixiehellcat for the great package!


urgh! can’t take it any more. this headache is such a pain. i think i shall go for a lie in. before i go, here’s a belated halloween photo (that i posted as an entry to the Halloween Competition at Amigurumi Addicts Swap group):

Jack’s creeping up on the Sesame Street Pumpkin Gang.


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