I was working on a heart-shaped ami for mom’s birthday in the crowded train yesterday. I like how the train is stable enough for me to stand and crochet without having to hold onto the hand pole. This lady who was sitting a little to my right kept looking at me. So I made eye contact and smiled. She smiled back and after a bit, asked if I was pregnant. 0_o

That made me wonder… Is it only pregnant ladies that indulge themselves in the art of crocheting? That is such a stereotypical view of crochet. Kinda sad actually. I know my friend ever told me that she always thought that only grandmas and old aunties knit & crochet. ^^;

Ah well… Anyway, here’s how far i am at making mom’s present:



2 thoughts on “WiP

  1. You really love hearts! But yeah there are a lot of stereotypes on crochet but I think as more and more young people crochet, hopefully that perspective will start changing. I knew a guy who knit and crocheted but absolutely refused to do it in public. =(

    1. now that you mentioned it… i must really love hearts. heart-shaped tongue for Sackboy. heart-shape ami for mom. if i think back… i even subconsciously doodle hearts in corners and edges of my notes. ❤ spread the love~ hehe…
      hopefully one day knit & crochet is not just a 'girl' thing. i think it's cool for a guy to be able to knit / crochet. makes them super special. these guys who knit should come out of the closet. but then it's easier said than done.

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