i finished the pattern i was testing for Sharon aka AmiAmour. yay! it was really fun to make. at first i was worried whether i could get the finished product to look as good as it’s supposed to (what with the open mouth and the zipper). i must say i’m quite satisfied with how he turned out. 😉 i might change the eyes though. right now Sackboy has felt eyes. if i get around buying the right sized buttons, then i’ll change his eyes.

i love the heart-shaped tongue and the heart in his chest cavity. 😉 as such, Sackboy can be used as a coin pouch or a secret message compartment. cool, right?

thank you, Sharon, for letting me test out this pattern! love it lots!


2 thoughts on “Sackboy

  1. You did a fantastic job! I love the heart details. I never thought to put a heart into his pouch. Genius idea! I’m glad the open mouth and zipper details worked out for you. I know that’s what concerned me the most when I was creating the pattern and if I could get the instructions across.

    1. thanks Sharon. i am relieved it turned out well. your instructions are clear and easy to follow especially since you have pictures as guides.

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