Currently working on several projects. Finally started on the order of 15 Amis. The plan is to make the body parts first and then put the details in later. So far I’ve only finished 1 & a half. 13 & a half more to go. ^^; Sounds like a lot more to go. 1 & a half month to complete it. Should be enough time.
Also working on a CCC swap item. I’ve to finish that by 18 oct. Earlier if possible coz I’ve to send it out via airmail. Should be able to send that one by 12 oct actually. Just need to dig out my purple yarn from my stash.
Did I mention that I’m testing a pattern for AmiAmour? I think I forgot to tell you that. It’s a sackboy pattern with open mouth and a zipper. So far I’ve only finished the head. Haven’t bought the zipper so have to put the body on hold for a bit. I’ve 15 days to finish that. Hmmm… That doesn’t leave me with much time. I should buy te zipper tomorrow or something.
One last thing I’m working on is a sesame street pumpkin patch. It’s for Planet June’s CAL. Her pumpkin pattern is sooo easy to follow and make. I hope I can finish that by next week.


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