nana the bunny

I was pressed for time to get a present for my god-daughter, Arianna. I didn’t want to buy something from the stores and i didn’t think i’d be able to finish making anything decent with the 2 days…make that 2 evenings, that i had. So i decided to modify my existing finished projects. Here’s what i came up with:
What do you think? Can you figure out which of my amis did i modify her from? No prizes for getting the right answer! 😉 She’s made from Mr Ponji! ^^; sorry Mr Ponji (& sorry AmiAmour. He’s the first pattern i ever tested and i frogged him (errmmmm… i hope i used the term ‘frogged’ correctly) for performing ‘surgery’ on you.

Anyway, Nana loves the arts. From painting to dancing to writing poetry. She loves them all! May Arianna be as creative as Nana. 😉


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