pattern tester

i’m testing another pattern for Stacey. this time it’s an adorable mouse. i’m using variegated yarn for it. for now it’s an ‘it’. i haven’t thought of a name for it yet and i haven’t decided what gender it will be. maybe when i’m done with it something will pop in my head. so far i’ve only done one leg. ^^; the dateline’s still more than 10 days away so i’m quite safe.

did i mention that i’ve an order of 15 amis to make? this lady wants me to do a mini-me version of her fellow climbing enthusiasts. when will i start on that i wonder… ^^; i’ve till end of Nov to finish that so that she can have them by Dec. i hope i can finish them on time coz it’s a rather busy period soon.

oh ya! June’s having a Fruit-along. if you have the time, head on to her website for the pear & apple patterns for this Fruit-along! 😉

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