book and magazine

found a copy of Crochet Today at Holland V. yeah!!! been wanting to buy it since i read in Ravelry that Ana Paula Rimoli’s patterns are inside. there’s a cute yellow cab, a brooklyn bridge and a huggable looking heart! i feel like making them straightaway (esp the yellow cab)! but… too bad i probably won’t have time to do them till… i don’t know when. coz it’s going to be Eid soon. i’ve to clean up my room and put away all my yarns and hook so that if any visitors come visiting, they won’t see my contained chaos. >.< mom’s been asking when am i going to clean up my room. huaaaargh! i don’t know when?!?! @_@

there’s also the storybook halloween patterns that’s just adorable! the penguin backpack is too cute as well. everything inside is amazing!

btw, i bought a book last week at Holland V too. it’s a Japanese Amigurumi book. here’s the cover:
i actually wanted to buy only two balls of skin colour yarn. then i saw this amigurumi book among the other crochet/knitting books. flipping through the pages, the amis were soooooooooooooo cute i couldn’t help but buy the book. i didn’t have enough money so i only bought one ball of yarn and the book. hehe…


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