even more books!

went to kinokuniya today and… i bought books!!! gosh! i can’t seem to come out empty handed from kinokuniya (or any bookstore for that matter). =P here are the two books that’s been added to my personal library:

there’s no amigurumi here but the cover of the book just look sooooo CUTE! i have ideas popping into my head just looking at the pictures. i especially love the gingerbread man. there’s also the ice cream cone and who can resist the strawberry gloves.








as for this book… it’s a must have for those of you who wants to take up amigurumi (or crochet). it’s really useful! with clear photographs to illustrate the instructions/tips/techniques.

by the way, everyone who participated in the very first kawaii cuteness giveaway has been contacted. the lucky ones were overjoyed at having a penguin (will mail them over by this week… i hope. need to go to the shops to buy packaging). those who weren’t lucky this time, don’t despair. try again next time! =)


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