jingle the holiday penguin

meet Jingle! the holiday penguin. he’s still missing his santa hat. =P i’m sooo behind time. supposed to finish this by 20th Dec but… ah well… i didn’t have that much time. i wish i had all the time in the world to just crochet. but of coz no one has all the time in the world to do only the things they like. oh no! i digress. ^^;

anyway, here’s Jingle without his red santa hat (will post another pix of him with his hat):
he’s going to be part of my very first giveaway! woohoo! i hope whoever gets him, will be happy with him n he will be happy with them. 😉 i’ve only got 6 names though. so i was thinking that maybe i’m gona make another penguin for the give away. since Huevo is also a penguin, i thought that maybe i’ll give him away too. it’s the GREAT penguin giveaway at Kawaii Cuteness! LoL! so that’ll cover 3 names n the other 3 who ‘Like’ this giveaway will get a 10% discount on their next purchase. the result of the lucky draw will be announced tomorrow.

in the mean time… MERRY CHRISTMAS to those celebrating it. have a joyous one with your loved ones.

p.s. i just realized i forgot to post 2 of my Amis that i made before my trip in November. sheesh~ i’m getting forgetful these days. will put up Raven and Avril soon.

p.p.s. here’s Jingle with his red hat! 😉

by the way, my needle broke while i was sewing the eyepatch on Jingle. *faintz* that’s a first. =P i’m just glad none of the broken needle pieces got stuck in Jingle. that’ll be like a surgeon leaving a syringe inside a patient’s stomach. ewww~


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