let it snow!

aluuu everyone!

i’m back! i’ve been back for slightly more than a week now. still trying to get my crochet mood back. i was working on the Toro the cat order but it doesn’t seem quite right (i’ve to come up with my own pattern, you see). i hate it when it doesn’t come out right the first round. =P

then i stumbled upon this cute penguin in a thread at ravelry.com: i just had to make him. he’s such a cutey don’t you think? my mind went KAWAII~~~ when i first saw it. so i thought i’ll make it over the weekend. i’ve been at it for the whole of today and it’s not finished yet. i actually thought it’s only about 8-10cm tall (about the size of my usual Ami). but after doing the eye pieces, i thought “this looks rather big”. so i checked back the spex and found that the finished size will be about 7inches… that’s roughly 17.5cm!!! hahahha… no wonder it’s taking me quite a bit longer (and i’m not that fast of a crocheter to begin with). ^^; i just hope i can finish it by tomorrow, coz that’s the dateline if i want my penguin to be in the freshstitches blogpost (this is where i got the pattern from). wish me luck!

p.s. did you notice the snow falling on this blog? cool eh?


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