Ravelry CCC Autumn Swap 2010

huarrrrrrgh! there seem to be something wrong with the server at Ravelry. the whole of today i’ve been trying to login to it but it kept saying connection time out. then i managed to login once. however, when i clicked on the forum tab it was connection time out again! aaaaaaargh! just when i’ve received my Autumn Swap gift too.

i LOVE my gift! i love the monkey!!! i just unwrapped it when my bro n SiL came home. showed it to them n the 1st thing my SiL said was “kiutnya! siap topi lagi dia… mcm yasser hari tu.” (translate: so cute! complete with a hat… looks like yasser that day.) LoL! so the monkey is called “Ser”… after my bro. 😉

i’d like to SHOUT OUT to my swap partner Valerie for the really really nice gifts! i totally love them! don’t worry about just starting to crochet. i love the monkey n his skull head friend. love the other stuffs too. thrilled to get the 3 crochet hooks. gosh! they are sooo fine. now i can try to make mini Ami. 😉

on another note, it’s been crazy at work! PTC and stuffs. pffft~ i want to crochet! out of the list that i made in my last post, i’ve only finished the blue-haired boy (the person who adopted it said that “itz adorable!”). =( i HAVE TO finish one of the airplanes. maybe cookie monster as well. sigh~ it’s tough when you are bogged down with work and you can’t do what you really want to.


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