skull trick or treat bag

this is just sooo cute (click this link to see what i’m talking about)!!! should i make it? it’s not an Ami but it is just sooo cute. i feel like making it. the question is: do i have TIME to make it? =P i’ve already gotten a few orders that i need to make by end of this month. here’s the list (so that i won’t forget):

  • a male vampire
  • cookie monster
  • a blue-haired boy
  • 2 airplanes (1 done)
  • a hammer
  • an otter
  • a zebra
  • toro the cat… or is tat totoro? o_O
  • a long-haired chihuahua

hmmm… is that it? i think so. i hope i didn’t miss out anything. =P


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