even more books

gosh! i must be CRAZY! i bought $100+ worth of books. shuckz~ there goes my pay. ^^; but hey! i love the books. 3 amigurumi books and 2 mangas. here they are:

actually i was tempted to get the whole collection of amigurumi books that they

have there. but seeing the price tag, i had to make do with 3. this time i bought english amigurumi books. so far i’ve been buying japanese amigurumi books… and i don’t even read japanese. hahaha… you must be thinking i’m nutz but that’s just me. books are a source of knowledge. it doesn’t matter that i don’t understand the language. the good thing about japanese craft books is that they have pictorial instructions. so ya… i can roughly figure out what they do. however, i have this habit of just buying the books and not even following the instructions to make the thing. i will somehow end up modifying the pattern. sometimes i just look at the picture of the finished product and come up with my own pattern. hahaha… so what’s the point of buying these books? hmmm… just to add to my ever growing personal library(?). 😉


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