candy faces

i was having a sore throat sometime last week. who knew a sore throat could be a source of inspiration for a new type of Ami. here are Candy Faces in the yummy series (this is where all the food stuffs will be grouped in).i made 10 of them to give to my fellow teacher colleagues as a Teachers’ Day present. these candies were wrapped in paper saying “to be opened on 1st sep 2010”. BUT… NOBODY paid heed to the instruction. well actually most of them at first said “ok, will wait”. however, after one person opened it, the rest did too. hahaha… *shakez head smiling* these candy faces are attached with a linen thread instead of a lobster clasp. the faces are drawn in using fabric markers. at first i made one that i embroidered the facial features but i kinda took a very long time just to get the face right. =P here’s Mandy… the first candy face made. =)Mandy’s linen thread is kinda short. so i’m keeping Mandy for myself. hee…

p.s. the wordings are from the lyrics of the song Candy by Mandy Moore.


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