huggable Ami?

i was asked by a friend whether my Ami are a standard size. told her that so far the ones i made are between 8 to 10 cm tall. she asked to make a life-sized Ami. i went “WOAH!”. considering the amount of free time that i have (which is not much) that would be pretty much impossible coz she wants it by 6th Sep 2010. so i told her i can probably do a huggable-sized Ami. she’s thrilled! she was just kidding about the life-sized Ami coz i probably wouldn’t be able to carry it. hahaha… there’s a point there. if i do make a life-sized Ami, i’d probably charge for delivery. hehe…

so now i’ve to go Spotlight (oh joy!) to get my yarns. not sure how much i would need but i think 2 balls should be enough. oh… and i need to buy them fibrefills as well. running out of fibrefills. that’s going to cost abit. hmmm…


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