Autumn 2010 Swap

i’ve just recently joined i can’t quite remember the website that led me to ravelry but i’m sooo glad i came across the link and decided to click on it. now i’ve signed up for an autumnn 2010 swap. woohoo! this is the first time i’m doing a crochet swap. the theme of the swap is to create a creature from the Creepy Cute Crochet book. how cool is that?! i just borrowed the book again from the library. the last time i borrowed it, i didnt get to make any of the creatures. this time… this time i am so going to make some. yes! not one, maybe two, definitely some. šŸ˜‰

other than the swap, i’ve also gotten three four orders to make Amis. woohoo! thanx yan buddy for your orders. will get to work on it real soon. =) also, i’ve thought of another series. as you know (if you don’t already know, now you do), i’m a big fan of all things Japanese. so i’ve decided to make a kokeshi doll series! yeah! i’ve already started on one. i might call her Sakura (but i might change my mind later). can’t wait to finish her! hehe…


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