upcoming series

as i was having my morning walk today, an inspiration struck me… i’m going to do several series for my amis. =) all the amis i’ve made are pets of all sorts. even those that are special orders are that of animals… except for the one my niece wanted. i asked her a few months ago what kind of ami would she like me to make if i had the time. her answer: a mermaid. =) how cute! i’m working on her mermaid now. i just started this afternoon.

so then i’m thinking of making a ‘fairy tale n fantasy’ series. possible characters i’ll be making are:
– mermaid
– prince
– princess
– witch
– wizard
– medusa
– grim reaper
i’ve even thought of the pricing. ^^; due to the hair (which will be the most challenging part), the characters in this series will cost slightly more than the current ‘pet’ series. i’m also thinking of doing a ‘robot’ series. what do you say? should i go for it?


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