tools of the trade

these are the tools i use to make the Amis:

bought everything except the scissors from Spotlight. i LOVE going to Spotlight. i know people say the stuffs there can be rather expensive. i still Love going there. there’s always something interesting or eye-catching to buy. =)

as for the wool/thread used, i either buy them from Spotlight or Daiso. Daiso’s cheap but not much variety. if anyone knows of any shop in SG that sells a wide range of stuff for crochet, do tell me k. i’d appreciate your recommendation. =)

ok… i think that’s it for now. i’m almost finished with the special order teddy for F. i think the teddy Ami will be named Darcchox. you’ll know why when you see the pix. 😉

4 thoughts on “tools of the trade

  1. hi yaney,

    i’ve been to spotlight once (well, twice – i came back the next day) and i don’t want to leave! LOL it’s a heaven! you are so lucky!

    1. guess wat! i just went to spotlight today! hehe… i understand what you mean. there were so many things i felt like buying that i didnt want to leave. seeing that pay day is a long way off, i managed to curb my spending to 3 balls of yarn. ^^;

  2. hey! if u want a wide range of stuff for crochet, there is this sewing shop in Ang Mo Kio Central, near the S11 coffeeshop if i’m not wrong, that has a lottt of threads for crochet yep! AND SO CUTEEEE ALL THE AMIIIIES.

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