amigurumi books

went to kinokuniya today. actually i went to borders before that but couldn’t find any books on amigurumi. such a big store but not even one book on amigurumi. what a disappointment! =P maybe they were just out of stock. anyway, so i went to kinokuniya after that. went round and round looking for the knitting/crafting/sewing books but couldn’t find the section. the problem with me is that i don’t ask. don’t like to ask. don’t like to bother people with questions. but somehow i don’t mind being asked questions. actually, i get asked a lot but that’s a different story altogether.

so i went to the japanese section. LUCKY! i found lots of books on amigurumi. eventhough they are all in japanese, i still bought 3 books! hee… ;P here are the books i bought.

sorry for the light reflection. >.<

yeah! can’t wait to do the creatures inside. wheee~

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