First upcycled dress

I know this is not a crochet or knit project. But i just have to share it with you. I finally got around to upcycling an old tee that i really love but has holes in it. I’ve been thinking about upcycling it (coz i can’t bear to throw it away) but haven’t found the time or inspiration.

I finally got it finished today. Took me about 4 days to finish this project. It’s not perfect but i like how it turned out. Ooops! Sorry! I haven’t shown you any pix.


What do you think? If you have suggestions on how i can improve the design, leave a comment ya!

Next upcycling project: a pair of shoes that’s peeling. ;)

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Happy Teachers’ Day

It’s Teachers’ Day today in Singapore. Most teachers are given the day off. Enjoy the day, dear teachers, away from the students and other teacher related matters (yes! You should put away those markings…at least for today).

We (me n some of my colleagues) played a game of bowling in the morning. Then we had lunch at Streats hong kong cafe. Although we had more gutter balls than strikes (Well most of us anyway. There were 2 who were pretty good), it was fun cheering for each other.

After that i went for a circuit sticker maker workshop. It was an amazing experience! There were only 4 of us. The youngest was a 7 yr old boy. I’ll just let the photos do the talking.




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Bow Espadrilles

Bought a pattern on Ravelry to make this cute pair of espadrilles:


I don’t know if it is just me but the pattern was a tad confusing. Maybe coz i’m used to straight forward patterns. This one is a pattern for four different shoe sizes. Good thing the designer included photos and charts together with the written instructions.

I think i’ll make another one. ;)

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First crochet dress

I finally made a piece of crochet clothing… a dress for a 12-18 month old child. Here’s what it looks like:


It’s supposed to be dark blue and pink but due to indoor lighting, it looks black. Will try to take another photo tomorrow when the sun is up.

Anyway, this is a pattern i’m testing for Cute & Kaboodle. Will give the feedback to the pattern designer tomorrow. I’m too tired at the moment to turn on the laptop.

Have a good rest and a lovely weekend, everyone!

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The Craft Club yarnbombing update


These are the items that i mailed to The Craft Club yarnbombing event (which will be held later this month). I know it’s not much but i do hope the package reach them before 20th of August. Coz i think they need to number/itemize everything for the record.

But silly me forgot to include a note inside the envelope to let them know these are for the yarnbombing. I was so excited to mail them out that i immediately sealed the envelope after putting everything in. Heh…

Check out their Facebook page for the progress ya? They posted photos of the place that will be transformed into an Enchanted Forest. It’s a beautiful place!!!

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Kooky the slug and a pseudo-ami mushroom

I received my Freshstitches kit club #9 package on Wednesday. It contained eight 8-yards hanks of wool yarn, safety eyes, the pattern for Hannah the slug & a snail-shaped measuring tape. The snail-shaped measuring tape is oh-so-adorable (see photo below with the pseudo-ami mushroom). Here’s the yarn in this kit club package:


Here’s the finished ami:


Kooky the slug is born!!! I gave him “cookie monster eyes”. Actually, i couldn’t decide what kind of eyes to put on him. So i posted the folowing photo on Instagram (for those who are interested, my IG username is @bisukiut) and let my followers decide.


Everyone (with the exception of one) voted for option a a.k.a. cookie monster eyes. ;)

Since i user a smaller hook size than the one recommended (i didn’t like the holes made when i used the one stated in the pattern), i had some extra yarn. So i made this pseudo-ami mushroom (free pattern at Sweet N’ Cute Creations):


Why the term “pseudo-ami”? Coz it does not use any stuffings at all! The designer is a genius! I am sooo going to make more of these and send them to the yarn bombing event at Essex (which i am hoping to mail the package out on next tuesday).


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Crochet workshop at SMMF2014

I received a text message from a fellow yarnbomber in the late afternoon yesterday asking if i was available to conduct a crochet workshop today. So i did (coz it was supposed to be an hour starting at 11am)!
It’s at this year’s Singapore Mini Maker Faire at Senja-Cashew CC. The morning crowd was slow. I only had one “student” at 10.30am (i arrived at 10am) who was actually helping out at one of the booths there (that’s her hand in the top left hand corner of the photo collage below). Taught her to make a granny square. She enjoyed it a lot…repeatedly saying, “This is fun!” She made 2 squares (one with minimal guidance). Yay!!!


As i was about to leave, two girls came along and wanted to learn. I handed them a hook each and let them choose the yarn. At first, hey had trouble holding the hook and yarn but were fine after awhile. I taught the older girl the granny square while my friend showed and told the younger one to make a length of chain. More people wanted to join in so my friend went to teach them. The two girls tried their best. Through twisted stitches (which i left as it is. I couldn’t bear to frog their first attempts) and a couple of improvisations, the older girl finished her square and the younger one made an “A” (coz that’s the first letter of her name). I had to take my leave then. But… not before taking a few shots of the place.


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